Re: [Evolution] transfer bogofilter trainings data from distribution to flatpak version

On Fri, 2020-05-08 at 11:29 +0200, S. Pfeifer wrote:
From my observations in comparizon with both installations it seems
to be that the bogofilter trainingsdata have not been imported with
the `save/recover Evolution data` process available in `File` menu.

that's correct, Evolution saves only its own data, not data of the
other applications it may or may not use.

Is there a way to transfer the trainingsdata into the flatpak

I guess so. It depends where bogofilter saves that data, then you can
copy that there (note you cannot use symlinks, because the saved path
on the host machine doesn't correspond to the one in the Flatpak

It looks like the Flatpak bogofilter stores its data to


The path is on the host machine, not in the Flatpak sandbox. Try to
overwrite it. Note the Flatpak bogofilter uses sqlite3 database. I
guess your host machine does that too.


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