[Evolution] Evolution Contacts recurring error


I'm a old school programmer just starting with Linux Mint and loving
it.  I installed Evolution and during the original install it had a few
errors but otherwise works (i.e., the Outlook.com Email and Calendar
work great!).  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a few times,
but it seems that error message just won;t go away, AND I cannot access
the Contacts.

The red box/error message that opens when I switch to Contacts within
Evolution reads as follows (the underlined part has been masked):

--- 8< ---

Failed to connect address book “__________ outlook com : Recipient

Unknown error

--- AND ---

Unable to open address book “Contacts”

This address book cannot be opened.  This either means that an
incorrect URI was entered, or the server is unreachable.

Detailed error message: Unable to connect to “Contacts”: No such source
for UID “_________________________”

--- 8< ---

I search quite a few hours and am at a total loss as to what to try
next.  I am so close....  I'd appreciate any help/suggestions.

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