Re: [Evolution] Query about editing quoted text in Plain Text mode

Il giorno gio, 30/01/2020 alle 14.21 +0100, Michael Hirmke ha scritto:
Hi Milan,
As I said, one can get used to it - but it is a loss!

Hi, and thank you Milan,
  I agree with Michael on all the points, and I add one thing that may
be related. To keep track of my workflow, I use to send a message to
myself, then reply, select all the text, remove the (many) quotation
marks and edit the (now unquoted) text, send the new message to myself
and then some time after (usually one day) I do the same thing with
the new message, and so on.

Somewhere in time in the past, it was possible to remove the quotation
marks by using one command only (ctrl+[), see [1]. Since the change
mentioned in [1], I obtain the same effect by selecting the text,
changing the format to "bulleted list" and then back to "normal". This
is quite a bit more time-consuming than the past trick (not only for the need of two commands instead of one, 
but also because I have to use the mouse to perform it), but (as you can see :-)) I have got used to it for 
years. Now, I don't know if this kind of usage could be involved (or lost) by the change you are querying 
about. If it's not, sorry for the noise.

Thanks, and bye


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