Re: [Evolution] Query about editing quoted text in Plain Text mode

Is editing of quoted text in the Plain Text mode used?

Yes, but not complex editing.

What do you expect from it?

I want to wrap long lines and for them to remain quoted when I do so.
(I usually change the paragraph setting from "Preformatted" to "Normal"
to do that.)

Splitting quoted paragraphs (by pressing <return>) to insert comments
should result in a non-quoted gap and the two halves of the paragraph
remaining quoted.

Basically I don't do much with quoted text other than deleting
irrelevant bits and inserting gaps.  But it's very useful that the
quote indicators don't form part of the text when you are deleting
things - it minimises considerably the risk of removing them when
deleting only the first bit of the line. I must admit I just assumed
that most mail editors also did this - evidently not!


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