Re: [Evolution] Text disappears in message when sending or saving in draft.

On Thu, 30 Jan 2020 15:36:29 -0600, js wrote:
I provided information in my e-mail but as you can see the problem was
evident i.e. no text in the message!
I am using Evolution 3.26.3 with the SuSE 15.1 distribution recently
loaded onto a new computer. I have not had this issue before using
Evolution with previous SuSE distributions, Not sure what the issue is.
It works occasionally, but not often.
J. Shaw

I suffered from this bug some time ago, too. It was noticeable already
before sending, since the plain text font when editing was a different
font, not the expected font, before the message body got lost when
sending it. It's fixed on Arch Linux since a while ago. I don't
remember when it was fixed.

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