Re: [Evolution] Subject: forward email by filter rule failed

a little off-topic below.

On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 10:41 +0100, wrote:
Sorry for that, as I created my first request, I was not member of
the lists. Thus I did not get your response into my mailbox. Instead
I read on internet.

Ah, I see. No problem then. I default to reply to list with list
messages, unless asked otherwise.

I tried to force my second request into the right topic by setting
the subject ...

Threading doesn't work on Subject (or, better said, it's only a
fallback, which can be turned off by a user), it works on certain
headers in the message (specifically In-Reply-To and References
headers), which are set/inherited when replying to the message. As you
did not have the message it could not set/inherit them properly.

 Now I am a member and this should not happen again.

Correct, this one is properly threaded.

        Thanks and bye,

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