Re: [Evolution] Subject: forward email by filter rule failed

On Thu, 2020-01-30 at 09:28 +0100, wrote:
Dear Milan,

it seems you created a new message, instead of replying to the
original, ideally with Ctrl+L (Reply to List) or some such way,
involving the list address, not my personal address. This broke context
and threading, apart of other things.

I cound not install the last stable version 3.34.x, because some
dependencies are not fulfilled in my linux distribution (Linux Mint
Mate 19.3).

Right, it's tricky to do it on older distributions. Maybe pick a
distribution, which provides latest stable version? Not always doable,
I know. Another option is to ask the distribution maintainer(s) of the
package(s) (evolution-data-server in this case), to find the upstream
fix and backport it.

      [English Version, translated by myself]:
      error while >>sending message<<
      MAIL FROM-command failed: incorrect authentication data.

I'm afraid I cannot do much, as long as it works properly on latest
stable version (limited manpower, I'm sorry). Maybe verify what
accounts you've configured (Edit->Preferences->Mail Accounts) and if
there are any disabled, misconfigured (the same email address, but
different SMTP settings) or such. It can be that when you open the
message in a composer it corrects the email address to the enabled

You can also run evolution as this:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=smtp evolution

to see what server is used and what FROM address is passed to it. I
hope your version shows it too.


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