Re: [Evolution] forward email by filter rule failed

On Sun, 2020-01-26 at 20:13 +0100, wrote:
(1) From log point of view all seems to be processed like intended,
but what ios about the last line after the action set? What does this
line telling me?

the "did not match" text looks like a bug in the code. I do not know
whether it's fixed in the current stable version (3.34.x) or not.

(2) The mail has not been sent. Instead it's in the local outgoing

That's expected and intended behavior. Messages are piled into On This
Computer/Outbox to be sent later, all together.

and never will be sent correctly,

Really? Can you try to right-click the Outbox folder and pick Flush
Outbox from the context menu, or File->Sent/Receive->Send All? It will
send the messages, unless a wrong From account was picked by the

(A) Is it possible (e.g. by a hidden setting) to prevent sending the
mail via the local account and maybe get rid of local account,
because I don't need?

No, as I said above, the use of the On This Computer/Outbox folder is
intentional. What you can change, with a hidden option, is to flush the
Outbox after filters are finished. That can be done with:

   $ gsettings set org.gnome.evolution.mail flush-outbox true

I'm not sure whether you've that option available in your version

(B) How can I make it possible that the forwarding via filter rule
run successful withaout reopeneing the mail?

See the answer for (A).


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