[Evolution] forward email by filter rule failed

Version: 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 

I observe unexpected behavior by forwarding emails by a filter rule. an example log entry is like follows:

2020-01-24 11:37:04 - Applied filter "01: Spam_Beschwerde" to message from Girokonto <girokonto nl fly24 com> - "Für die ganze Familie: Das kostenlose Girokonto¹"
  Header 'From' value ' "Girokonto" <girokonto nl fly24 com>' does match '@nl.'
    Finished test of message uid:1649 subject:'Für die ganze Familie: Das kostenlose Girokonto¹' from '@vivaldi.net : INBOX' as MATCHED
    Filter '01: Spam_Beschwerde' matched
Action: Set Seen flag
Action: Set Junk flag
    Filter '01: Spam_Beschwerde' did not match

(1) From log point of view all seems to be processed like intended, but what ios about the last line after the action set? What does this line telling me?

(2) The mail has not been sent. Instead it's in the local outgoing folder and never will be sent correctly, but if I reopen the mail and send again, the sending process is successful.

My question:

(A) Is it possible (e.g. by a hidden setting) to prevent sending the mail via the local account and maybe get rid of local account, because I don't need?
(B) How can I make it possible that the forwarding via filter rule run successful withaout reopeneing the mail?

Best regards,

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