Re: [Evolution] Long pauses using Evolution

On Fri, 2020-01-17 at 03:02 -0600, Robert G (Doc) Savage wrote:
I'm not sure I see a solution here, unless you are suggesting I use
dnfdragorra to delete all non-MATE desktops. That sounds rather
extreme, and possibly destructive.

it would really be the last option (though the workaround from [1]
means that one of the desktops will not work as before).

Search the .service files for "org.freedesktop.Notifications" (quotes
for clarity only). One of them will be 
which you wan to keep. You should have there at least one more, which
you want to get rid of, because these two are fighting whom will serve
that D-Bus name, and the MATE is failing here.

It was KDE in my case, but it can be a different desktop for you.
I fixed it by renaming the KDE's .service file, because I do not run it
that often and I do not care missing notifications there. You might
find other/better solution, I believe.

The best would be to convince MATE developers to finally fix the [1],
but as they didn't want to do it for years, then it's somehow unlikely.
On the other hand, who knows, the time changes.


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