Re: [Evolution] How can I override the IMAP path?

On Fri, 2020-01-17 at 08:27 +0100, abc abc wrote:
I did the same you did yesterday and did it again now. However, in my
log there is no occurrence of "NAMESPACE".

it can be the DAVMail doesn't support NAMESPACE capability. I'd expect
it works in Evolution even without it, but maybe not.

In my case it is davmail, which I want to use to get access to my
Exchange Archive - the only clients I know of being able to do that
are Outlook, OWA and davmail.

Aha, it might be one of those archive-related folders from here [1].
The evolution-ews can open any folder, it only needs to know the folder
ID. This could be used to open it as "Subscribe to folder of other
user", which is not exactly the same thing, but it would work. I just
made a change in evolution-ews [2] (for 3.35.90+) to allow using
distinguished folder names there. My server doesn't have enabled
archive folders, thus I do not know whether it would work for you. In
any case, it's rather a workaround.

I think it might be interesting to have an option to enable/disable
certain distinguished folders to be shown beside other folders,
possibly a set of checkboxes in the Mail account Properties would do
it, thus, if you can, feel free to file a bug against
evolution-ews [3] to add such thing. Maybe other users would benefit
from it too.

Overriding the IMAP path works with /archive in Thunderbird and Nine
on Android via davmail.

Weird, I'm wondering what Evolution can do differently. Maybe it's a
bug in the IMAPx code (which resides in evolution-data-server, not in
evolution itself), when the NAMESPACE capability is not supported by
the IMAP server. Feel free to file a bug [4], thus someone can look on
        Thanks and bye,


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