Re: [Evolution] Attaching Email Message

I am using Evolution 3.28.5-0 on ubuntu0.18.04.1

 When replying to an email how do I attach an email to my reply?
Could anybody help with how to do this please, as I cannot find how
to do it through exploring the various relevant menus or using the
help guide?

Do you mean attach the email you are replying to or a different email?

In general you should be able to drag any email (including the one you
are replying to) into the composer and it will be attached.

If you want to make attaching the email as the default for replying
then you change it at Edit -> Preferences -> Composer Preferences ->
Reply style.

There's also Message -> Alternative Reply (Ctrl-Alt-R) which allows you
to tailor the reply format for that particular instance.

Caveat - this is on my Evolution which is 3.34.2, I don't know if these
things work on 3.28.5


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