Re: [Evolution] CalDAV is readonly

Hi Milan,

I did some debugging too and I could get it working by fixing some bug
in e_webdav_session_extract_privilege_simple in e-webdav-session.c. I
believe the problem is the following:

When the privlieges are retrieved from the server, the relevant XML
snippet looks like this:

                        <D:read />
                        <D:write />

As you can see, the privilege node contains the two child nodes,
however when it's passed to e_webdav_session_extract_privilege_simple,
the for loop stops after evaluating the first one due to the break
statement and thus skips any further privileges.

So basically it boiled down to
e_webdav_session_extract_privilege_simple only returning a single
privilege and not the whole set which I think was the bug. Maybe the
for loop in e_webdav_session_current_user_privilege_set_cb was supposed
to deal with this...?

Anyway, my C is pretty rusty so I'd not consider my hacky workaround
code any good but if you think it is of any use to clarify the problem,
I can send you a diff.


On Tue, 2020-01-14 at 11:28 +0100, Milan Crha via evolution-list wrote:
On Tue, 2020-01-14 at 07:43 +0000, Krauß, Peter (SCC) via evolution-
list wrote:
I did indeed do several restarts (without success).

just to be clear, I didn't mean restart of the whole machine, but
restart of the calendar factory only, that is, of the
evolution-calendar-factory process.

You even do not need to kill the process to be restarted, just close
evolution, open terminal and execute there:

   $ /usr/libexec/evolution-calendar-factory -w

then wait for few seconds and only then start Evolution. Though I
you captured the log from the initial email in a very similar way and
it still did not work, thus this won't work as well.

Maybe you can run DBus monitor and search what it passed around. You
might focus on "writable" and "Writable" (quotes for clarity only)
signals/properties. The command is:

   $ dbus-monitor

then I see for example this after I open a calendar which had not
opened yet:

  signal time=1578997003.522247 sender=:1.181 -> destination=(null
destination) serial=878
interface=org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties; member=PropertiesChanged
  string "org.gnome.evolution.dataserver.Calendar"
  array [
     dict entry(
        string "Writable"
        variant             boolean true
  array [

followed by a method invocation response:

  method return time=1578997003.522745 sender=:1.181 ->
destination=:1.226 serial=879 reply_serial=42
     array [
        string "alarm-email-address"
        string "''"
        string "cache-dir"
        string "writable"
        string "true"

this is how the backends notify the clients about their state, one of
them being writability. It's hard to recognize which calendar the
response belongs to, that why I'd try on one, which is not opened
Note the dbus-monitor output will be very chatty, quite many things
sends something over D-Bus all the time, thus expect interleaved

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