Re: [Evolution] Evolution-ews and VPN-connection

On Sun, 2020-01-12 at 15:13 +0000, Wiethoff, Helge via evolution-list
My problem is: evolution doesn't seem to recognize if a VPN
connection exists or not: If I change the VPN connection status while
using the mail client, the connection to the Exchange server seems to
be lost.

is the Exchange server accessible only with VPN on, or it can be
accessed anytime, with or without it? You wrote that you change the VPN
status, but it's unclear to me whether you turn VPN on or off.

When I restart evolution, everything works. Only if I change the vpn-
connection status, the connection to the exchange-server drops.

If it drops, you might see the account with a "disconnected" icon on
the right of the folder tree in the Mail view. How do you know the
connection dropped? It there any error message in the GUI or elsewhere?

The Exchange share is for both internal and external access =

I see, thus the VPN is not needed and it doesn't matter whether you
connect it or disconnect (that's what you call the change on the VPN
connection), evolution-ews stops talking to the server, right?

... The connection icon in Evolution shows an "online" status.

I have also tried GIO_USE_NETWORK_MONITOR=base without success.

I see. The Network Monitor is there to recognize whether the server (or
a network connection) is accessible (available), or not. The "base"
network monitor basically claims that the connection and network are
always available, regardless the actual state.

The issue might be somewhere between gnutls, glib-networking, glib2 and
libsoup. The evolution-ews uses libsoup to connect to the server, it
doesn't open its own connection to it, and libsoup uses ... just read
backwards the listing up to gnutls.


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