Re: [Evolution] Evolution with SOGo Server: no free/busy information

On Sun, 2020-01-12 at 13:08 +0100, Torsten via evolution-list wrote:
Are there any experiences regarding fb-info when syncing with a SOGo

I've no real life experience with the SOGo server, but maybe you can
run the calendar factory with CalDAV debugging [1] and check whether it
at least tries to contact the server and what the server returns (I'd
search for a name part of one of the attendees in the log).

Also note of [2], which landed for 3.32.0 of evolution-data-server.
Maybe there are more related fixes in the CalDAV code.

In other words, if you can, give a try to more recent versions, the
current stable series is 3.34.x (3.34.3 being the latest stable
version) and if even there it won't work then feel free to open a bug
against evolution-data-server [3], with relevant part of the log from
the calendar factory, like what the client sent to the server and what
the server returned (with all private information removed/censored).

        Thanks and bye,


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