Re: [Evolution] HTML email problem


I have looked through the help section, Googled the issue and changed
various settings on the HTML messages tab of Mail preferences.  All to
no avail.

I haven't found anything in the help sections that discusses having
both plain text AND HTML showing, only one OR the other.

For me, the HTML version is displayed, but I have to scroll down past a
bunch of text to get to it.  

Also, some emails, specifically all emails from ebay, won't display at
all.  I can show the source and get the information from the email, but
the HTML won't display.

Can you be any more specific with your answer?  Everything I see in the
section you pointed me to says to enable HTML messages on the HTML tab.
I've done that for all emails.

Sorry if I'm being dense.



On Thu, 2020-01-02 at 19:30 +0100, Andre Klapper wrote:
Hi and welcome!

On Thu, 2020-01-02 at 11:16 -0500, Joe Wade Pulley wrote:
Here's my problem.

When I receive HTML email from some senders, the top section of the
email displays text and links.  Then there is a "divider" and the
HTML formatted images and links are displayed (mostly correctly).

This doesn't happen for all senders. Home Depot emails, for
only have the HTML showing.

I understand about security etc. when allowing HTML emails, but I
really would like to see only the HTML version and not the text
version.  Is there anything that I can do to turn off the text

Evolution 3.34.1-2
Ubuntu 19.10

See Help 🡒 Contents 🡒 Mail Management 🡒 Display of a message.

Andre Klapper  |  ak-47 gmx net

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