Re: [Evolution] Evolution Editor needs serious attention

I was warned when I was forwarded the email address for evolution
support to not expect a very welcoming response. And they were right.
Your response is absolutely pitiful and just cements the poor
reputation the team has in the community. All you succeeded in doing
was creating another soldier that will add fire to the rumor.

I really think you are under some sort of misconception about what this
list is.  There is no "team". We are just a bunch of users who try and
help people who have problems, in our free time.  There is no formal
arrangement (other than a few people who moderate the mailing list).
Anybody can chip in.

It would be really interesting to know what "community" you got your
information from.

To be absolutely honest, the attitude of people who come here, all guns
blazing, shouting and screaming and stamping their feet does nothing to
encourage other people to help.

Think of it like a car owners club: you know, people who you can go and
get advice and help dealing with, say, a VW Beetle. If you go into one
of the meetings down the pub and stand in the middle of the room
shouting "the VW Beetle engine is a DISASTER, what are you going to do
about", you will get a pretty frosty reception.

You failed to comprehend that the email is from an END USER (aka
CUSTOMER) trying to explain their frustration with the product. 

Take it up with the people who sold it to you then.

So, I need to provide clear steps to you one on how to PASTE into the
editor? Adding a SIGNATURE to a reply with a body? Seriously?
I would think you would want to know more about my configuration, my
settings, etc.

So you think we should be asking about your configuration, but you
didn't bother to include that configuration in your initial email??

Admit it, you just wanted to let of steam and have a good old rant. You
were told by some random "community" that we are a difficult lot (we're
not), so you fired off a rant to show us you're not going to take any
shit - and there you are, you've been proved right.

If you really want to know what to do, then I suggest you try not using
odd fonts in odd sizes - i.e. don't use: "font-family: Ubuntu; font-
size: 18.6667px;".  But all the bugs relating to the editor have been
closed recently in favour of a new version that is being released next
month; no further work will be carried out on the current editor. (And
you would have known that if you followed the links to gitlab that
Andre pointed you to.)

I suggest you work on your customer relationship skills.

Why? If we had customers the relationship would be different and
virtually everyone who answers questions on the list wouldn't be here.

 In the meantime, we will begin to migrate away from Evolution. Thank
you for helping us finalize our company's future email path.

And we all wish you well on that path. I hope you are budgeting for
paid support for your applications as you go forward.


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