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On Mon, 2020-08-17 at 06:52 +1000, Alex Evans via evolution-list wrote:
KDE - can I install it ontop of GNOME?

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Gnome is a Desktop Environment or DE (i.e. a GUI plus some other
stuff). KDE is another DE, different from Gnome. There are also several
others available on Linux. You can use whichever one you like. Although
Evolution is written for Gnome, I for one use it on KDE, as do many
others. This isn't the place to discuss KDE vs Gnome vs LXDE vs ... but
you can find abundant information on the Web. You might find KDE a
little less strange than Gnome if you're coming from Windows.

Is there a list of extra's i provides? 

How you install it depends on your Linux distro, which I don't think
you're specified. The distro's package manager (or software installer)
will take care of the details.

How to install? 

You don't install it "on top of" Gnome, you install it either instead
of Gnome, or as well as Gnome. You then choose which one you want to
use when you log in (the Session Manager, which is the first thing you
interact with before logging in, will have a menu of the various DEs
installed on the system).

If I don't like it, can I go back? 

Yes, you can switch back to Gnome if you want.


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