Re: [Evolution] Issue with the interface language

Thanks for your help!

I've replaced the previous version with the flatpack version on the linux box and now the translations are correct!

Let me know if i can do further tests to help the community, otherwise i'm ok :)

Il giorno mar 4 ago 2020 alle ore 10:30 Milan Crha via evolution-list <evolution-list gnome org> ha scritto:
On Tue, 2020-08-04 at 10:02 +0200, Gareth Jax via evolution-list wrote:
> # this the Lenovo Laptop
> ...
> ...
> Evolution 3.36.4 (by 
> # This is the linux box
> Evolution 3.36.3-0ubuntu1 
> ...
> ...

if I understand it correctly, then the Laptop version shows correct
text, but the linux box does not. The LC_MESSAGES matter here and it's
the same on both machines.

This is the first time I see the Flatpak version showing the localized
text better than the native version (there used to be bugs about the
localization not working in the Flatpak version).

You can install the Flatpak version on the other machine and it should
work the same as on yours, the sandbox is supposed to work like that.
Just  note that the sandbox has its caveats (search for Flatpak in this
mailing list and you'll get an idea), but you need to check what will
work and what not for your use case.

Though I still do not understand why the native version doesn't work,
and why only partially. Unless Ubuntu modifies the translations. I do
not know whether they do. [1]

Getting the /usr/share/locale/it/LC_MESSAGES/ (in Flatpak
it's under /app/share/....) and replace with it the one on the other
machine might do the trick, until the machine updates the evolution
package to the newer version and replaces the fil. There can be a
similar file in 'it_IT' directory (instead of in 'it'),
but that won't be from evolution itself, at least as I understand how
those things work, guessing they work similarly in the Ubuntu.


[1] In fact, I cannot find which sub-package has the translation data.
    This Ubuntu world is an unknown thing to me.

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