Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.34.1 (flatpak git3b335fd) attachments

On Fri, 2019-09-27 at 07:50 -0500, Japhering, Anonymous via evolution-
list wrote:
I can click the Add Attachment button, pick the file to attach, but
nothing shows up in the attachment bar.

Incoming email I can click the always visible Save As button below
the preview pane, the dialog pops asks me
where I want it to go, pick the destination and click save, but the
file never appears.

these things are fully transparent (+/-) and being done through
portals, they are not done by evolution itself (apart of using special
load/save dialog; that's why '+/-' for the 'transparent', but the file
moving between sandbox and the host system is done by the portal). From
that I'd guess there happened something to the portal on your machine,
preventing file transfer between the sandbox and the host system for
some reason. None of the runtime warnings you pasted are related to

I tried the stable evolution in Flatpak, the same as you build it from
the sources, and it works fine here. The host system is Fedora 30 with
installed. As Evolution is a gtk+ application I believe it's the
xdg-desktop-portal-gtk, which is used. I do not know how to debug
portal things, I'm sorry.

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