[Evolution] Hotkey for links


Would it be possible to add a hotkey such as Ctrl+L (preferred) or Ctrl+K (yeah, I don't know - that's what Thunderbird uses) to insert a link into an email without having to go the menu and choose 'Insert | Link...', please?

Evolution already uses hotkeys for a variety of operations, so it's not like it would need more plumbing - it would just be adding one more definition and hooking it into the 'Link' method.

If you'd like some justification, or just to know that I've actually put some thought into why this would be benficial from a UI standpoint, then looking at the FIT (Frequent/Important/Typical) UI design principles:

[F] - Will people use this action at least 7 out of 10 times they visit the screen?
Potentially. From a personal standpoint I tend to include links in maybe 50% of my emails.

[F] - Will they typically use it several times in a row?
It would depend entirely on the nature of the email being sent - but again, potentially.

[F] - Would taking an extra step every time truly be burdensome?
Let's just say it's an unnecessary annoyance to go the long way around via menus.

[I] - Do you want everyone to discover this action because it's especially cool or a selling point?
No, inserting a link into an email can hardly be considered a cool feature or selling point.

[I] - Is it something that needs to be effortless in the rare cases it's needed?
It needs to be effortless, and I would not consider it a rare case.

[T] - Is it typically presented as a first-class action in similar apps?
Absolutely, yes.

[T] - Given the context, would people be surprised if it were buried in the action overflow?
By now you've probably rumbled that I took this criteria from Android UI menu design guidelines ;-)

Regardless, I hope you agree that adding a hotkey to insert links would be a usability improvement - and from a coding standpoint it would be like 5 minutes work and a cup of tea.

Best wishes,

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