Re: [Evolution] accidental junk mail

On Mon, 2019-09-23 at 16:15 -0400, Reid Vail via evolution-list wrote:
I'm running version 3.32.1-2 and have accidentally created a junk
mail setting that a friend can no longer send email to me.  That is,
regardless of the subject all of his message go to spam folder.  How
can I correct this?

thus he can send you a message, it only ends in the Junk folder. Simply
select it and click Not Junk button on the tool bar, or in the context
menu, or in menu Message->Mask As->Not Junk. That will tell the spam
filtering software that it's not a junk, if you use any such thing.
(You should train the spam filtering software with multiple/many
messages, both spam and ham, before it works more accurately.)

You see what/whether a spam filtering software is used in Edit->
Preferences->Mail Preferences->Junk tab (at the bottom is shown what
junk filtering software is used, can be Bogofilter or Spamasssassin, if
any of these is installed and the corresponding plugin for evolution as
well). This tab also sets additional rules for junk recognition. You
can also turn off Junk filtering by Evolution in the respective mail
account Properties, but it turns junk filtering completely.

You cannot disable junk filtering made by the server, if it has any.

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