Re: [Evolution] Evolution won't remember passwords

On Wed, 2019-10-09 at 12:56 +0200, aloys_4 via evolution-list wrote:

I am new to this list, so I might ask a question that has been asked
before. I have used Evolution for years in Linux Mint KDE without many
problems. As Mint has stopped development on the KDE version, I looked
for an alternative. I use Manjaro KDE now. When I added Evolution the
problems started. Evolution won' t remember the account passwords and
keeps on asking for them. Very annoying. Is this a problem in Evolution
or in Manjaro? who can advise me and also a give me a solution.

Please always state which version of Evolution you're asking about. The
specific distro (Mint, Manjaro, etc.) is almost never relevant, but the
version can be. See Help->About.

Also, in this case it may be relevant to know what kind of mail account
you're asking about. POP? IMAP? Exchange? Something else?

Note that Evolution doesn't manage passwords directly. They are stored
in the gnome-keyring application and can be managed using seahorse.
These may not be installed by default if you're using KDE, but you can
add them easily.


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