Re: [Evolution] Reversed To: recipients displayed

On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 1:43 PM Greg Oliver <oliver greg gmail com> wrote:
Just wandering if this is something I can change somehow.


If there are 2 or more recipients in the To: field, and say they are f foo com and b bar com, in the message list pane, it displays them in the order b bar com, f foo com.

In the preview pane, it displays them in the proper order f foo com, b bar com.

This just started happening with Fedora 31's shipped version of Evolution.

It is pretty annoying since I usually browse sent mails this way and I know the second person is not in my mind to look for and I do not need to go through many emails and glancing is faster than searching via the search.

This is an EWS account that does this - I do not know if it is the only one affected as I have no other account types to test with.

Sorry - a picture is probably easier than I can describe it :)

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