[Evolution] Thanks from a recent convert....

I am traditionally a Thunderbird user, and have used it for many years.
I dont want to compare the two and slag of one, they are both fabulous
soft wares, and very similar to each other.
The purpose of this message is more to say, thanks to those who write
and maintain Evoluntion, its a great alternative to thinderbird that up
until recently I had no idea of its existence. Well done you guys !!!
Just for interest sake, the reason I swapped to Evoluntion was its
seemless setup of my Gmail accounts. For some reason Thunderbird keeps
returning errors when trying to set them up.
For me, Im just glad to find something that works, so thank you.
One quick question, I can see the setting to change the font size in
the preview pane, but not the setting to change the font size in the
inbox pane. Can someone give me a pointer?
Regards Benny

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