[Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

Evolution 3.28.5-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 64bit
2 IMAP email accounts, and extensive archives on computer in the "On this Computer" folder.
AMD quad core chip

Evolution closes when double clicking an email to open it, and being unable to see images included in the email.
The email can be opened and read with the "Edit as New Message" command. Images will not be visible. When Evolution closes it does not crash and does not create a crash report.

Problem started after a few months of Evolution responding erratically, primarily by occasionally freezing the computer, requiring a hard reboot. Present problem started after replacing the motherboard, CPU, and RAM (3GB) in suspicion that they were the culprit.

In attempt to fix it, Evolution was un-installed and re-installed from the Ubuntu software manager. Same symptoms. Un-installing and re-installing kept all email, contact and calendar files and accounts, so those were not un-installed with the program.

Next attempt was to delete the two email accounts, un-install Evolution and all its associated files and directories including the archives.
Re-install Evolution and set up one of the email accounts. Same symptoms. Evolution closes when double clicking an email.

Do you have any solutions before I completely reformat the harddrive with a re-install Ubuntu 18.04?

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