Re: [Evolution] Evolution closes when double clicking to open an email

Problem started after a few months of Evolution responding
erratically, primarily by occasionally freezing the computer,
requiring a hard reboot. Present problem started after replacing the
motherboard, CPU, and RAM (3GB) in suspicion that they were the

If they were then you would be seeing errors in the system logs
relating to hardware, and applications other than Evolution would be
affected as well.

Next attempt was to delete the two email accounts, un-install
Evolution and all its associated files and directories including the
Re-install Evolution and set up one of the email accounts. Same
symptoms. Evolution closes when double clicking an email.

Uninstalling and re-installing doesn't really help much on Linux - it
will just re-fresh the executables and there are better ways to check
the integrity of installed files.  If you have corrupted system files,
then you have more problems than just Evolution.

The best test to see if it is a system/install problem or a user config
problem is to create a new Linux user so that you have a clean install
of all config files (for all packages) and setup Evolution in that

Do you have any solutions before I completely reformat the harddrive
with a re-install Ubuntu 18.04?

Have you run Evolution from the command line?  Are there any error
messages printed?  Are there any related messages in the system logs?


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