Re: [Evolution] Evolution email really slow

On 6/21/19 5:19 AM, Graham Sawyer via evolution-list wrote:
 My first time on here and hope I'm doing the right thing.

I've been using Evolution for years. I recently did a clean install of
Ubuntu mate and Evolution. When typing an email there is a significant
lag to the characters showing on screen. Any advice on what to do?
The last time that I saw this was on a Linux system with an Nvidia GPU
and it was not running the Nvidia binary drivers.

The open source Nouveau drivers are very hit-and-miss. They often seem
to work, but are unable to raise the card's GPU or memory clock which
makes the performance really terrible.

The VESA compatible drivers are even worse.

If that might be affecting you then either install the Nvidia binaries,
which should actually be easy with Ubuntu, or use the Intel iGPU if you
have one and completely disable the Nvidia GPU by blacklisting the
Nouveau driver.

The only other thing I could guess at is that since Evolution uses KHTML
(I think?) as its display and editor it uses more CPU than a regular
text editor like gedit. If for some reason you are on a laptop and you
intentionally locked down the clock speed to, say, 800 MHz for battery
reasons then you can get behavior like very slow text editing. I know
that I have seen Gnome / MATE plugins and widgets for controlling CPU
clocks. Maybe you installed one of those and didn't realize you left it
set to Power Save, Minimum, 800 MHz, etc.

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