[Evolution] "mark as read" strange behavior with evolution-ews

Hi all,

Here is a strange behavior. I use evolution-ews to connect to MS Exchange.

After using
evolution-ews for some months, I connect to the Exchange Webmail (aka OWA).

I notice that there are 30 messages marked as unread in OWA, from the past months, while 1) I read them all 2) I marked them all as "read" in Evolution 3) they are indeed shown as in "read" in Evolution

- Expected behavior: the "read" status is in sync between
evolution-ews and OWA
- Actual behavior: the "read" status is not in sync. All messages are marked as read in evolution-ews but some of them are still incorrectly marked as unread in OWA.
- Speculative explanations:
  - The "mark as read" command was never sent to the server (broken connection?)
  - A status is incorrectly cached somewhere.
  - There is a bug in MS Exchange.



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