[Evolution] RSS feed for Evolution

Hello, I'm an artist and a organization/politics dude and Evolution has become a vital tool in my daily life for everything I do, therefore I wonder if there is some kind of RSS feed or some way to get insight of how things are going with the project and stuff.

I know there is an email list and stuff but I'm not huge on those, and if there is no RSS feed type thing that's fine, but maybe look into getting like blog/RSS feed in the future so one it all doesn't seem so distant and nebulous. With a software that I use so much I feel that I crave som kind of connection point like that.
Wouldn't mind being able to directly support evolution either!

But the most important part of all! 

Keep up the good work! 

This is my favorite email, calendar, task-manager and memo-manager client I've ever come across!
With regards,
Christoffer Tallerås

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