Re: [Evolution] validating an evolution ICS file

Hi Matthias,

so "/usr/lib/evolution" means that Ubuntu phones don't use containers,
it's a more or less "regular" Ubuntu install, with the "usual"
filesystem hierarchy?

If I understand the FAQ correctly ( )
is based upon an Android kernel, but with apps of a more or less regular
Ubuntu 15.04 (EOL February 4, 2016) and there are plans to migrate to
16.04 (End of Standard Support April 2021), after the migration
Evolution is version
( )?

This would be good to know. If so, next time an Ubuntu phone user
will sent a request, the subscribers of this mailing list could help
with troubleshooting, by using the same hints, as for any other Linux
distro install on a PC or laptop. The phone user's just need to be
aware that Evolution and dependencies are very old and beyond getting
help with troubleshooting, they are on their own, since fixes for issues
may already be provided by more current versions of Evolution.

As far as I know you are the first Ubuntu phone user sending a request,
so I apologize for the cluelessness and I apologize for my slightly
rough undertone.


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