Re: [Evolution] Slow to connect (and download)

On Sat, 2019-07-06 at 13:14 +0200, Gary Curtin wrote:
Using Evolution 3.32.1-2 on Ubuntu 19.04 setup with POP3.

If I click on Send/Receive, it can take up to a minute or more to
connect to the POP3 ( port 110 setup automatically) and then
retrieving simple text messages (like from this list) take another
minute or two to download. It seemed to be a bit slower today than it
was yesterday.

You may like to check with your mail provider - it is not unknown for
them to throttle connections and I have feeling I've heard in the past
of GMX doing that (or suspected of doing it).  

TBH, they may not be "throttling" or limiting the speed, what might be
the issue is that they don't provide many POP processes and you have to
wait for one to become available.  When my work moved to O365 we were
warned that although IMAP was enabled, it may not be as fast as native
Exchange protocols as MS consider IMAP to be an "expensive" protocol
and so limit the resources it can consume.

Have you thought about using IMAP - you may get a better experience
with that.

It is not the Internet connection, because I can browse just fine, and
downloading I get more than 1mb/s.

:-) I get annoyed when my broadband goes below 50Mb/s, I don't think I
survive at 1 Mb/s anymore.


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