Re: [Evolution] Error loading attachments - version 3.32.3 (flatpak git)

On 7/5/2019 5:03 PM, Jairo Lopez via evolution-list wrote:

I decided to switch my main computer from Windows to Linux. After comparing between Thunderbird and Evolution, I went with Evolution (really liked) and struggled a bit migrating my PST file. Now after finally configuring my work and personal accounts, when I thought everything was working correctly I tried to add an attachment to a draft and got a weird behavior:

  * If I click on the "Add Attachment..." button at the bottom nothing
  * If I drag the file that I want to attach to the draft window I get
    the error message: "Could not load the attachment. Error when
    getting information for file /home/jairolop/test.txt: no such file
    or directory". The file exists because I'm dragging it. In fact
    thinking that the problem was a long path or filename I created a
    simple one at HOME with the same result

Where can I find out the reason adding an attachment is failing? I'd hate to use Thunderbird instead of Evolution

I'm not completely familiar with either one, but if this is a Snap or Flatpak package they run in a sandbox which restricts their access to your files. It sounds to me as if your sandbox isn't allowing access to your files.


There might also be something useful in here, although it seems more aimed at developers:

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