Re: [Evolution] Evolution some time not show .xml.p7m attach

On Mon, 2019-07-01 at 15:06 +0200, Dario Lesca wrote:
Ok, see attached structure of the message , filtered with your
suggested command.

thanks for the structure. It looks like an attachment of an attached
message, if I read it correctly. I do not see why Evolution would not
show it, but maybe I miss some tiny detail.

I see that libcamel (from evolution-data-server, which Evolution uses
for the Mail part) uses the .p7m extension to S/MIME signed or
encrypted parts. It sets it, but it doesn't read it (or compare it), at
least for my grepping for "p7m" in the sources. Evolution itself
doesn't have any "p7m" in the sources.

If you want, I can send to you the full message: do not contain
particular secret, except email address

If you can, then please send only to me the message for testing
purposes (the actual address is in the Reply-To header, as the mailing
list software did it in the previous message from me within this
thread). You can replace the email addresses and the actual text in the
message as well - some parts are base64 encoded, thus it's harder to
see what it really contains. Please, mention a reference to this
discussion in the message subject, otherwise I might overlook your
message in my spam folder.
        Thanks and bye,

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