Re: [Evolution] Evolution some time not show .xml.p7m attach

On Sun, 2019-06-30 at 09:52 +0200, Dario Lesca wrote:
In some PEC message, Evolution[1] show only 3 file attach (wrong)
Thunderbird (and other mua) show 4 attach (correct)
The attach missing is "IT01879020517_kTnxj.xml.p7m"

(see image attached)

there's not much visible on the image. It looks like a digitally signed
message. Such message can have "attachments" with the signature, but
Evolution doesn't show these parts as attachments (it's that green bar
at the top for it). Could Thunderbird show a message signature as an
attachment? What does that file contain, when you save it?

I must fill a bug or there is a solution?

If you want see the real email saved in mailbox file, let me know.

Providing the test message (with removed/censored all of the private
information of it) would be a good idea. The most important part of the
message is its structure, the data in each part can be (usually)
discarded. As a starter, save the message as an mbox, then get the
structure information from it with a command like this one:

   $ cat eml.mbox | grep -i -C1 Content >cnt.txt

and remove anything private from the resulting cnt.txt before sharing
its content anywhere (like here).


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