Re: [Evolution] Displaying Attachments

On Fri, 2019-02-15 at 14:23 +0000, Norman Lambert via evolution-list
I've only just joined this group and am not yet
into its etiquette.

Welcome to the list.

Please note some general guidelines when replying to messages. Most of
these are common practice in nearly all technical mailing lists:
 * Avoid top-posting, i.e. add your remarks *after* the material youwant to comment on rather than before it. 
 * Quote only the specific material you want to comment on, rather than
   including the entire message. In Evolution the easiest way to do
   this is by selecting the text before hitting Reply.
 * In the same vein, remove the boilerplate text (the horizontal line
   and everything below it) from the end of the message you are
   quoting. The list software will add another copy even if it's
   already there.
 * Whenever possible, use Reply-to-List rather than Reply-to-All. This
   makes threading easier. Unfortunately it's not always possible,
   because someone already broke the thread by using Reply-to-All.
 * Never introduce a new topic by hitting Reply and changing the
   Subject. This is called thread hijacking and is frowned on.
 * Use plaintext in preference to HTML.



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