Re: [Evolution] Importing mbox file in Evolution

On Sat, 2019-12-07 at 16:12 +0100, André Ockers wrote:
Now when I select that file in Evolution, the standard "Outlook"
option is automatically selected and all the other options, including
mbox, are greyed out.

it means that Evolution failed to recognize the file format, either it
cannot read from it for some reason, or it has missing expected header,
like in case of the mbox format it's "From user@some.where DATE". Try
to open the file in a text editor and check what the first line look

I would also try to run Evolution from a terminal and see what it'll
show there. Some errors are shown only on the console.

You can invoke import straight from the command line as well, by:

   $ evolution --import file:///home/user/some/folder/mails.mbox

Which should open an import wizard, if it knows the format.

As a workaround, you can convert the Icedove mail structure into
Maildir format with some 3rd party-tool and then move those converted
mails under:
which will create a new folder under On This Computer/Inbox/Icedove in
Evolution, where the Icedove mails will be stored.

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