Re: [Evolution] Weird blank gap in folder listings

On Sun, 2019-12-01 at 22:28 -0600, Christopher Marlow wrote:
Notice the gap between Inbox and the first folder. Theres nothing
there.. No folder or anything. 

there use to be a "Loading..." node the first time the folder is
expanded, which is supposed to be removed after its subfolders are
populated, but it didn't happen for you for some reason.

I recall a bug for this, one where things had been fixed, another,
filled after the fix, that it still doesn't always work. I've not been
able to reproduce it myself. Being so, either it would be (re-)fixed,
or there would be a known workaround.

As a little test, does it misbehave also when you run in offline and
then switch to online? To start in offline run evolution from a
terminal as this:

   $ evolution --offline

It can be that it's about timing, server response slower/quicker,
folder order in the listing, maybe anything else. Hard to tell without
a reproducer.

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