Re: [Evolution] EWS: "message exceeds the maximum supported size"

With Torsten's help, I ended up sorting out this problem myself.

The experience suggests the following request to evolution-ews
developers: please report ItemId together with an error messages, it
would make resolving this kind of issues a bit easier.

The details:

The reason for the error "message exceeds the maximum supported size"
displayed by Evolution calendar was a calendar item on the server side
that exceeded (apparently) the permitted size of the server's EWS API.

The error caused the syncing protocol to stop, which is why import of
changes from the server into EWS did not work any more.

The problem for me was to find out: which item on the server was
causing the error?

I managed to find this by running 

EWS_DEBUG=2 /usr/lib/evolution/evolution-calendar-factory | tee /tmp/ews.log

, pre-processing the log file to isolate the XML, passing XML snippets
through xmlstarlet to extract ItemID tags, and finally comparing two
ItemID lists to see which ItemID causes the error.

Then I asked the administrator of the EWS account to find out for me
which calendar entry the ItemID (a lengthy base64 encoded number)
belongs to, and deleted this entry.

After this, syncing between Evolution calendar and EWS server worked
like a charm again.

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