Re: [Evolution] glib 2.54.1 requierd for 3.31 ?


On Wed, 2018-11-14 at 14:12 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
But then why did the migration not inherit the old accounts ?

different software, different way of storing accounts? I do not know,
I'm not the server admin for the GNOME project, neither I know
background details for the two here. Maybe the admins even wanted to
clean up the list of users, when bugzilla is basically abandoned (still
used by evolution-related projects for old requests). I think it's not
a big deal to add a new user whom will have the same credentials as the
user in bugzilla, is it?

I have the opposite experience though(from the old bugzilla)
There are many reports there that are unfixed and I always had a hard
time finding stuff there.

Heh, try the search in the gitlab instance, then you'll see what it
means "hard to find stuff". We are going off-topic here though, and
this is only my personal opinion anyway, thus let's skip this.

Any chance this can be fixed?

Yes, like with any other here. Just file a bug. I understood you did
contribute in the bugzilla already, which is great. If the only
obstacle is to create an account in a new GNOME bug tracker, then it's
pity. I'd understand when it's hosted on a random site, but it's still
completely under GNOME umbrella, thus should not be a problem. (I also
do not like some services out there, which causes some obstacles when I
want to contribute to projects hosted there... I mean, I know both
sides of this.)

As I recall(not 100% sure though), I got reminders from these
Cancelled events, will these be "hidden" too?

I do not think so. The option was only for the GUI part calendar views
and the To Do bar).

Well I just opened an meeting to look at stuff in it.

Right, understood, there is no preview, where one would look into the
details easily.

Suppose emacs( or your favourite editor) popped up an error window
every time you open an readonly file ...

Like with libreoffice, it also has an indication that the file is
opened read-only, only not that disturbing (it used to be in the window
title, if I recall correctly). Evolution can be changed, and this
particular change might not be that hard, depending on what it would
look like.

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