Re: [Evolution] glib 2.54.1 requierd for 3.31 ?

On Wed, 2018-11-14 at 12:18 +0000, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
Nice, though I think glib-2.54 would be better. 

that's only a minimum requirement. And the function in question was
nothing serious.

That is something else. I do got a gitlab account but Gnome projects
like Evo won't let me in anyway, insisting that I should create yet
another account.

It depends what you mean with the gitlab account. If an account under, then it's not what I'm talking about. GNOME runs its own
independent instance of the GitLab [1], and as much as it's independent
also the user accounts are independent. It's like the old bugzilla with
couple added features.

This is way worse than the previous github hosting.

GNOME was never hosted on github. There had been (and still is) a
mirror of GNOME projects there, but it was not checked by many
maintainers, thus it's really only a mirror and nothing else.

So I stay with email for now, hoping for the best.

Okay, no problem. Though solving issues by mail is something which will
probably not happen, because it'll get lost easily. I'd be also afraid
of other mailing list users not being happy to see any further detailed
investigation. Just saying.

1) Moved meeting still pop up an reminder at the old/initial time.

Needs exact steps, like move by whom and how.

2) In Calendar view(see Screenshoot) I see multiple entries for the
same person with just Status changed(Needs Attention, Accepted,
Tentative etc).

I do not see that here. List of attendees is provided by the server.

   Scrolling the Attendee window is broken when Theme adds arrows in
the scrollbar.

Broken? Does mouse wheel work? Does clicking the scroll up/down button
work? Can the scrollbar button be dragged? I'm afraid this is lower in
the stack, like in gtk+, when the place for the scrollbar is too small.
I'm only guessing.

3) Attendee window cannot be resized


4) Cancelled meetings remains but are prefixed Cancelled in Summary

Edit->Preferences->Calendar and Tasks->View tab->Hide cancelled events.
Its availability depends on the evolution version:

5) Opening a meeting always generates an error:
      "Event cannot be fully edited, because you are not the
   even though I haven't tried to edit anything yet.

Well, you opened an editor, where you can edit event details. Some
fields are disabled. Rather than cause a confusion "why cannot I edit
this field, while I can edit that field", user is warned with the
reason "proactively".


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