Re: [Evolution] Unable to set 'Organizer' in new meeting invitation

On Tue, 2018-05-22 at 13:32 -0500, Jim Campbell wrote:
I think it was an issue with syncing over my ~/.config/evolution
folder from another machine. It's now resolved.

I purged evolution and evolution-ews, deleted my ~/.config/evolution
folder, removed and then restored my GNOME Online Accounts Exchange
account, and then re-installed evolution and evolution-ews.

it's weird, it should just work with the "old" (updated) configuration
too. The Calendar is meant to have set the user email, which is
supposed to be used as an organizer when the calendar is picked for the

After testing it, users cannot write anything as the organizer, they
can only pick one of the configured mail accounts from the drop down.
That makes sense, because that mail account is used to send the
invitation (or in case of evolution-ews the EWS calendar is used to
send the invitation, which is the way to do it in the EWS world).

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