[Evolution] Unable to set 'Organizer' in new meeting invitation

Hi All,

I'm using Evolution 3.28.1-2 with Evolution-EWS 3.28.1-1 on Ubuntu 18.04, and I'm unable to set an 
'Organizer' when attempting to create a new meeting invitation.

I can add attendees (it integrates neatly with GOA Exchange plugin to pick up entries from my address book, 
thanks!), but because I can't set an organizer, I can't create the meeting invite. When I place my cursor 
into the 'Organizer' text entry box, it does not let me enter any text. It's as if that particular text entry 
field is "locked".

As an additional note, I'm trying to create the meeting invite under the account associated with EWS.

Am I missing a configuration item for this, or should I file a bug?

Thanks very much for your help!


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