Re: [Evolution] limits on bcc?

Is it possible that Evo imposes a limitation on the number of addresses that the BCC field
is allowed to contain? I have had a couple of recent cases where a list was truncated from 
its original count ???

How many addresses / characters does it cut off at?

 I find no mention of such a limit in the "HELP" files, but I can imagine
it being left out.

There are limits on the length of header fields in the SMTP RFCs - they
 SHOULD not be longer 78 characters and MUST not be longer than 998
characters. Lines can be folded to accommodate those limits. The RFCs
also say that SMTP servers must be able to accept at least 100
recipients in a single RCPT command and they MUST fail in an orderly
fashion (i.e. you will be told about it!). My experience of Evolution
is that it is SMTP RFC compliant so I doubt it would break it on such
an obvious thing and I've never heard of anyone else having problems.

But there may also be a limit to the BCC: field in the composer - have
you tried putting the addresses in a contact list in Evolution and
sending to that instead?

There may well be a limitation at the SMTP end as well. Do you have
access to the SMTP server? If so, can you look in the logs on it to see
if there are any clues.

Finally, you can enable SMTP debugging for Evolution - that will give
you all the chatter between Evo and the SMTP server, that may give some
indication as to where the problem lies.


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