[Evolution] Sending Email and Account Management

Dear evolutioners,

My email stopped working just now. Apparently google no longer accepts
normal login for SMTP and required OAuth2, for my account, this
naturally popped up a box that asked me to log in after accepting all
the permissions evolution needs google's webpage then just shows a
screen asking me to copy and paste a key... but no place to paste it
and just a cancel button.

To send this email I was forced to sign up to Gnome's online services,
disable all of them but email, then disable IMAP (I don't read my email
from google's servers) which provided the oauth2 token required for
sending email.

Now I have an email client (evolution) where in one account I can't
turn off email receiving (just auto-refresh) and in another account I
can't turn off email sending (broken google login) and it works
HORRIBLY. I hate it, I hate it so much.

The inflexibility of the whole thing is maddening. I don't think
there's anything to be done about it at this stage since Ubuntu doesn't
update to latest gnome and to try would destroy the system, developing
evolution is impossible inside or outside of the gnome builder system
so I can't even fix it myself because it's tied so closely to Gnome
that it's impossible to contribute to.

Best Regards, Martin Owens
Free Software Programmer (Boston)

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