Re: [Evolution] Self destroying messages

The filter is present, but I don't want to apply it to my inbox, I've to
run it just to some subfolder. Defining this kind of filter will trigger
deletion also in inbox when hitting CTRL + Y. Do you think it's possible
to whitelist/blacklist some folder for filter execution?

As Milan said there is a condition to select a specific folder.

But it's not an issue, unless you don't look at your mail for more than
n days - the filters only apply to new messages, the messages you are
trying to get rid of are not 'new' and the 'new' messages will be less
than n days old.

(Ctrl-Y doesn't trigger a filter run globally across everything.)

The problem with filters is that they only apply to 'new' messages so
you would have to apply the filter manually.

That's not a problem, CTRL + Y is a quick way to do it.

I thought Ctrl-Y only applies filters to the current message (that's
why it's in the 'Message' menu not the 'Folder' menu or anywhere else).
You would need to do Ctrl-A, Ctrl-Y to select all messages in the
folder then apply filters.


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