Re: [Evolution] evolution-ews and exchange inplace archive

On Wed, 2018-05-16 at 17:42 +0200, Oliver Paukstadt wrote:

Is there any change to get this into the ews plugin?

the evolution-ews relies on the server what folders it reports.
The EWS protocol has also the list of well-known folders:
but evolution-ews doesn't query for any usually-not-returned by the
server (it verifies which folder is Outbox, Inbox and so on only,
definitely not to add the folder into the list of "interesting"

I'm wondering whether there's a way to check whether showing the
archive folder is required or not. I'd not do that by opening the
folder and seeking for its non-emptiness, definitely because there can
be deep levels of folders involved there. I do not know, does OWA show
the Archive folder for you? I do not see it here (older Exchange server
though, with disabled archiving on the server (I even do not know where
to enable it, to be honest)).

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