Re: [Evolution] OAUTH2 code

On Wed, 2018-05-09 at 23:36 -0700, jeepguy92 wrote:
I can confirm this issue on a vanilla instance of Ubuntu 18.04 using
Evolution 3.28.1-2.  Once the Google API returns a token the popup
"Google account authentication request" is modal and offers no way to
enter the returned token.

you are not supposed to copy the code anywhere, it is all supposed to
work automatically, as it did in the not so distant past.

The popup provides instruction to "copy this code, switch
to your application, and paste it there." (probably generic

I do not recall seeing any such instructions myself, but I tried it
myself and it looks like they (the Google server) changed something
that the recognition of the success failed for some reason, or, well,
there's a bug in the code of the evolution-data-server. I opened this
bug for it:

I've been able to reproduce this in 3.26.6 as well, with both
webkit2gtk3 2.20.1 and 2.18.0, thus it looks like something changed on
the Google side.

Attempting to change to password authentication fails as the
configuration is overwritten with OAuth2.

Yes, that's correct. It's required to use OAuth2 with Google, not only
by the application, but also by the server in most of the parts
Evolution(-data-server) uses.

If you want a quick workaround, then use GNOME Online Accounts to
create your Google account.

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