Re: [Evolution] OAUTH2 code

Gerard Spiritofgg wrote
I try to connect to gmail through Evolution.
At the end of the process of autorisation, gmail give me a code to be
in Evolution.
I don't see any place to paste this code in Evolution or in the manual.
Could you please help me and, i suppose, many others?
Thanks in advance

Evolution 3.28.1

I can confirm this issue on a vanilla instance of Ubuntu 18.04 using
Evolution 3.28.1-2.  Once the Google API returns a token the popup "Google
account authentication request" is modal and offers no way to enter the
returned token.  The popup provides instruction to "copy this code, switch
to your application, and paste it there." (probably generic instructions).

Attempting to change to password authentication fails as the configuration
is overwritten with OAuth2.

And in a sad state of affairs Outlook works fine with this account from the
same machine booted into Windows.

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