[Evolution] attach files in contact notes

Is it possible in Evolution to attach files in contact notes – similar to a feature that is in Microsoft Outlook?


This is a powerful feature in Outlook. For example, if one had an important email from a contact – a copy can be stored in the notes for that contact and viewed even years later.


Pictures, PDF files or spreadsheets – whatever – can be stored in Microsoft Outlook contact notes.


Is there an add-on that can accomplish this function?


If not, I wish a developer would make this function happen.


I do not have the expertise to make this happen.


Evolution is great, however, this function is what makes Microsoft Outlook a superior product.


I see no other advantages in Microsoft Outlook – but this is a big one – it sets it apart.


For example, I will store this email in my Microsoft Outlook contact for Evolution – and – a year from now – I will not have to write the question again.


Is there any Linux email program that can accomplish this function?


Robert Sterler

robert sterler com


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